Just a few of Artemus Deadman’s reviews from the City of The Dead tour agency’s Haunted Graveyard Tour (www.cityofthedeadtours.com

“We had the bast time last night you’re a true born storyteller. Thank you for such a spooky and entertaining evening.” – Kim and Omar

“Heya Artemus, it’s me Crystal from Texas! My husband and I were part of your small party of 4 tour last week! Just wanted to pop in and say hi! You are the BEST tour guide!” – C. L. V.

“Last night – in the haunting Scottish summer twilight, I had the pleasure of taking a walking ghost tour through Edinburgh. I can’t say enough about our (g)host – Artemus Deadman – Ghost Walker . He delivered a consummate performance as we were lead on macabre historical adventure! Hats off to ya! @cityofthedeadtours Incredible. 🙌” – Sam Wade

“We were part of your tour last night and loved every second!” M. A.

We went on the haunted graveyard tour and it was amazing! Me and my partner had listened to so many podcasts about these stories and our wonderful guide Artemis Deadman brought it to life. The information and story telling was brilliant and he exceeded all of our expectations! Definitely would recommend, especially for the more spooky people out there! 5 out of 5 for us!”

“Artemus Deadman gave an insightful tour into the dark side of Edinburgh, being in character helped visualise the gruesome stories he told as we followed him in through the dark and into the tombs of Greyfriars cemetery. He had the whole audience on edge, showmanship and great pride in his work on educating all on the gruesome history. Madam Misfit

Fantastically spooky tour. Our guide Artimus Deadman brought the more grisly tales of Edinburgh alive. He delivered a mixture of historical fact and legend with gravitas and wit. We loved every minute of it and would take it again. Despite the warm evening there was definitely a chill in the air. Mr. Deadman and this brilliant tour may well have made a believer out of this skeptic.

Our tour guide Artemis was excellent. Very enthusiastic and had some great stories to tell. We started in the city centre and made our way to the graveyard, stopping on the way to hear more stories. Once in the graveyard, we heard more stories and were taken to a part of the graveyard that the public cannot access. Would highly recommend.

As Edinburgh citizens, we decided to have a fun night in our own city. Artemus Deadman was our tour guide and we learned so much, but more importantly we were thoroughly entertained (and a bit spooked!) Would recommend this to all. Great value for money!!

We were in Edinburgh and I really wanted to see this tour because of my interest in the paranormal. We arrive to meet up very kind friendly and fancy dress man – He had wings on his hat, monocle and amazing contact lenses. Please tell him hello and big thank you and that it was totally awesome!

“It was amaaaazing!! So interesting and atmospherical!!” – M. V.

“Absolutely loooved it! No nightmares – thanks God! – but still need to check if no scratches or bruises!” – S. I.G

“Just overall excellent Artemus is amazing!” – N&C

“We had an amazing time! Finding the meeting location was easy, and we quickly found our tour guide Artemis Deadman. Artemis did an amazing job at pulling you into the stories and the history of Edinburgh. Even when walking to the different locations, he added in stories and pointed out popular locations, many of which were Harry Potter references. Visiting the grave yard was the best part! Artemis’s build up of stories and explaining the background of the area was exquisite. For anyone that is looking for a tour with chilling history, a fun time, and the possibility of seeing a ghost this is the tour that you want!” – K